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Terms and conditions for gaining access to the Center and consulting procedure

  • Researchers can only have access to INI’s Historical documentations which meets current law about access to Archives, always that its preservation conditions allow it. Real Decreto 1708/2011

  • Those persons who wish to consult our documents must be duly identified and have the authorization of SEPI's Documentation Center. Equally, a photocopy of his/her national identity document or passport will be made, and he/she must sign a confidentiality agreement, in which he/she commits himself/herself to fully observe the norms regulating the access and publicity of the data and personal information data which the Historical Archive might contain, in keeping with that stipulated in section 57.1.C of Act 16/1985 on June 25th, regarding the Spanish Historical Heritage. No copy of any kind of the documents contained in this Historical Archive will be allowed without the previous authorization issued by its staff.

  • The consult requests must be in writing (by letter, email or facsimile), clearly detailing the goal and the purpose of the research. After consulting the Indices in our Webpage, we will provide the location of the documentation sought after, providing the box number and the Archive Collection to which it belongs (the two first fields that appear in the result of the "search" in every reference). You can request a maximum of 20 boxes. The Center's staff will get into contact with the Applicant in order to set a date for the visit and, if necessary, to guide him/her about the consult and/or the documentation requested.

Services provided:

  • Information and reference: Information and guidance in requests for consulting documents or in the course of the research, guidance in the use of the description tools. Searches for information and documents

  • Reference in the reading room: Access to the original documents, whenever their conservation state allows it, with the exceptions envisaged by Act 16/1985, on June 25th, regarding the Spanish Historical Heritage and Act 30/1992, on November 26th, regarding the Legal Procedure for the Administration and the Common Administrative Procedure.

  • Delivery of documents: Delivery by e-mail or temporary link to SEPI's intranet of the indexes of the Archive's documentation.

  • Loan of documents: Loan of the original documents requested (only for internal Users).

  • Copy of documents: The documents can be copied for cultural purposes through the execution of the corresponding contract or agreement with Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI).

  • Library: Free access to the Library for reference in the reading room.

  • Newspaper and periodicals library: Access in the reading room of the newspaper and periodicals by appointment.


  • Centro de Documentación y Archivo Histórico de SEPI

    C/Velázquez, 134. Bloque I
    28006 Madrid

  • Phone: +34 91 396 1468
                      +34 91 396 1519

  • Facsimile: + 34 91 396 1153
    Contactar email
  • Opening hours:

    From October to May: Monday to Thursday: 9:00 to 13:45h and 15:45 to 17:30h. Friday:9:00 to 13:45h.
    From June to September: Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:30h
    August: Closed.

  • Bus lines: 51, 19, 9, 16

  • Subway stations:

    Avenida de América (Líneas 4, 6, 7 y 9)
    Gregorio Marañón (Líneas 7 y 10)
    Núñez de Balboa (Línea 5)

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